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I work with people of all ages, from the young to the elderly. I can treat people with diabetes and special needs. I provide a full range of treatments to keep your feet in the best condition possible. These include:
Nail cutting - easy to do when we're young but difficult the older we get! Do you cut your nails correctly to prevent further problems? I can ensure that your nails are trimmed safely.

Callouses and hard skin removal - get rid of that unwanted skin on the bottom of your feet.  

Corns - physical removal of your painful corn and advice on future preventative measures. 

Cracked heels - removal of the hard skin and treatments to help the cracks heal thereby helping reduce the risk of pain and infection.

In-growing toe nails - I can remove the part of the nail causing the discomfort and stop the pain. 


Fungal & viral infection treatment - I can take care of any fungal infection on your feet, including verrucae, athlete's foot and much more.

Nail thinning - as we get older nails can get thicker. I can thin your thickened nails to help them become healthier and more comfortable. Extra time may be required to reduce the thickness of these nails. 

Neurovascular Assessment -the mobility of our bodies is directly linked to the health of our feet, which is why it’s essential to make sure that any potential neurovascular deterioration is spotted as soon as possible. I carry out a neurovascular assessment during your initial consultation. This helps to ensure that there are no issues that could affect your health later in life.


Appointments & Fees

Appointments are up to one hour long. Depending on the problem you have with your feet, you may need more than one treatment. I can advise you more at your initial assessment.

On-going regular maintenance treatments are the ideal way to keep your feet in tip-top condition.

Appointment fee - Abingdon £40
Surrounding Areas £50

To make an appointment please choose one of the following contact details.

07818 071674 or 01235 554947

or you can email me:

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